Elevated Pole or Mast Photography

Elevated Pole and Mast Photographyphotographer standing with camera in hand may not always capture a property in its entirety, especially if it's a large property. We've found that by using an elevated pole or mast photography we're able to capture the best features of large homes or holiday resorts without having to hire out commercial airplanes, which often proves to be very costly.

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Helicopter Photography

Helicopter PhotographyIf you have a large estate, a farm or holiday resort you may find it difficult to get the perfect photograph that captures the entire property. We have the ideal solution for you by offering helicopter photography service.

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Fixed Wing Aeroplane Photography

Fixed Wing Aeroplane PhotographyThe property industry is one of South Africa's biggest markets. One of the best ways to showcase the best aspects of a property is with aerial photographs as it offer potential buyers the opportunity see the location and geography of the surrounding area. Fixed wing aerial photography has a wide variety of applications that goes beyond property showcasing.

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Remote Helicopter Photography

Remote Control Helicopter Aerial PhotographyWe offer a cheaper alternative for aerial photography by using aremote helicopter aerial photography. Costs are greatly reduced by not having to hire out a helicopter, expensive fuel costs, hiring a pilot and a photographer.

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Remote Quadcopter Aerial Photography

Remote Control Quadcopter Aerial PhotographyWe use remote control quadcopter for aerial photography.Quadcopters  are also known as quadrotors because they have four rotors, which make it possible for vertical take-off and vertical flight. Quadcopter helicopters are popular for taking aerial photos because of their stable flight.

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Interior - Property Photography

Interior Photo by Aerial PhotographyWe have perfected the technique of photographing interiors and we strive to achieve a proper balance of natural and artificial light to make your property look truly inviting.

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Exterior - Property Photography

Exterior Aerial PhotographyWhen taking exterior photographs we aim for the best possible light and conditions to maximise the value of your property.

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